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Spread Love Among Us

Disital Drawing

Abrar Jahin

Among Us is Recently going viral game on smartphones! And that time many YouTubers are making great contents like: Among Us Animation, Among Us in Real Life, among us funny moment, among us memes! ETC. Also many of them are making Among Us Live! Then I thought isn’t there anyone make a drawing about it? Then searched “among us drawing” and BOOM! Found “How to Draw Among Us Game Character”! Then I thought, “Why not try something new? Why always be trying to be a imposter?” Be romantic 😉.. Enjoy the video!

Note: Background is taken from game scene!

Also available on:

Facebook: @2haas

Instagram: @2haas_insta

YouTube: 2HAAS

Twitter: @2haas_tw

Pinterest: @2haas_pin

Posted On: October 22, 2020


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